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"Robbie is remarkably well versed in the city's issues, he has incredible vision, and is the most inspirational candidate I have seen."

L. Trent, Simi Valley Acorn

Robbie Hidalgo


"Robbie has proven he is masterful at bringing people and organizations together to produce uncommon results for our city."

P. Lewis, Simi Valley Acorn


"Robbie puts forth more policy and legislative proposals to our local government than many of our elected officials do. That's a leader."


S. Roth, Simi Valley


It's time to move Simi Valley



I've been listening, and our citizens and small businesses are worried.

Though we can all name great things about our community and the people here, too many folks are feeling anxious, concerned, priced out, talked over, left out or forgotten. People are wondering what “livability” really means for them in 2020 and beyond, and where our city is even headed. People are looking for sensible, comprehensive and innovative vision.

As Simi Valley has grown, and now finds itself in the depths of an unprecedented economic and social crisis, we need our local government to be functional, transparent, accessible and accountable. We need our leaders to be leading, not posturing. We need to talk about how decisions are made and why. That should never be a mystery.

We need to embrace bolder, more urgent solutions for our budget, recovery and our economic crisis, public safety, affordable housing, our roads and infrastructure, our stagnant economic development, mental health, homelessness, substance abuse, school safety, our environmental challenges, our youth and a myriad of critical social issues to keep Simi Valley livable, and thriving, for everyone, at every age, in every neighborhood.

And we need to engage more everyday people in that conversation, from start to finish. We know all too well how other cities have fallen into decline, let their residents down, then tried to change course with too little, too late. Well, it’s not too late for Simi Valley.

Our best days are still ahead of us, if we have the leadership and the courage to be humble, eliminate partisan mayhem from our local government, and work together - with everyone - to keep Simi Valley the community we love. 


My name is Robbie Hidalgo.  And that is why I am running to serve our community as your Mayor.



Our city government is run by five equal votes. I am the only candidate who already successfully works with ALL of our local leaders on policy and legislation, and who has the experience and aptitude not just to win an election, but to actually legislate, lead, and get big things done.

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