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All Politics Are Local

"All politics are local" is a timeless political truth. Which begs the question, what are you putting back into your community?

We the people are the infrastructure necessary for the stability and progress of our community. Through vision and common sense I will foster efforts to reunify our purpose so that we can make meaningful community-based progress at the local level.

We have the power to heal our ideological fractures from the inside out, acting to solve local issues with common sense and common purpose. From this foundation of renewal, our progress can expand to county, state, and even national interests. But to get there, we need everyone back on board together at the local level, focused on our common-ground, our community, and our future.

So ask yourself, and ask your candidates: what have you been putting back into our community? Because it's going to take every one of us to make our community, and the world around us, everything that we want it to be.


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