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Good Governance

We need clear, direct, communication in our city now. No more arguing through political polarization. Progress happens when we are unified as a community, not when we act as opposing partisan factions and forces.

Apparently, unbeknownst to many: Partisan governance at the local level is UNCONSTITUTIONAL in the State of California.

Article II, Section 6 of the Constitution of the State of California states:

SEC. 6.

(a) The following offices shall be nonpartisan:

(1) All judicial, school, county, and city offices, including the Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Yet, our local electorate, our local candidates and our local leaders are near-unanimously overt partisan "lobbyists", stirring and interposing controversial and conflict-ridden political ideologies into our local community as if this was Sacramento or Washington D.C. This is unconstitutional at the municipal level of government. Yet, our local City Hall has become a bully-pulpit for the furtherance of contentious national partisan demagoguery, from every side, at the expense of the effective governance and leadership of our local community urgencies. And this comes at the expense of the dignity, decency and public safety of our community.

Everyone in our city, regardless of political party, is responsible for contributing toward the strength and progress of our community, and for the prosperity and safety of our residents and businesses.

This means that only TOGETHER will we move forward as a city.

We are ALL affected by everything our community experiences, so we must ALL take part in envisioning, embracing and executing every level of action necessary to move our community forward. We are the community, and it's time we start acting like it if we want our city and our citizens to thrive, and survive our unprecedented challenges.

At the municipal level, this isn't about "left" or "right". This is about forward. This is about our community, a community which needs all of us now. Our Constitution compels us to reject partisan demagoguery and national ideological controversy (over which we have zero legislative authority) at the local level, accept that our local governance is, by law, nonpartisan and is not our national governance, join hands in our local community's evolution, and reach into a bigger and brighter future for all of us. We must work together to pull our neighbors, neighborhoods and businesses out of this unprecedented socio-economic crisis we now find ourselves in, and into the progress we all expect, want and deserve for our families and our community.

This is not the time or place for partisan bickering. This is not the time or place for politics-as-usual. Some of us are Republicans. Some of us are Democrats. Some of us are Independents. Some of us are Moderates. All of us are unique. None of us are unimportant. Above all, we are - and must be - each others neighbors first.

The majority of the citizens of our city have made it perfectly clear that they are sick of ideological posturing, partisan bickering, divisive rhetoric, and destructive policies. They want real leaders and real solutions and they want to see us get big things done now. Our responsibility as candidates and leaders is to figure out how to work together. Anything less is a message to our community that half of you matter, and half of you don't. It does not take a PhD. in Sociology to recognize - that kind of approach is the foundation of a community which is coming undone.

I will neither accept nor contribute to that outcome. That is why I am running to serve our community as mayor. But it's not about one person. It's about all of us. And that vision requires you.


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