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Vision 2030

After much reflection, and in honor of the recent tragic loss of our former Mayor Greg Stratton, I'd like to share a very important announcement.

After many efforts to inspire this proposal in both 2018 and 2019, I am honored to announce my pledge to urge the creation of the "VISION 2030 SIMI VALLEY" initiative as part of my commitment to developing a concise and responsive strategic plan for our city over the next ten years, addressing the monumental adversities the city is facing in the immediate years ahead.

Although inspired by the pioneering work of Mayor Stratton and many others in his comprehensive Vision 2020 initiative launched almost twenty years ago, the Vision 2030 initiative will have a more operational and practical scope, addressing several imminent challenges the city is facing ahead and developing sound and practical recommendations, while laying the groundwork for the next ten years' community road map.

This idea is not without precedent. I have raised the topic in Council chambers more than once for the creation of a Special Select Committee to assist Council in dissecting and evaluating the many difficult challenges our city was facing before COVID, now compounded by the economic ramifications of the pandemic, to help expedite development of innovative and effective strategies to address these adversities and keep our community thriving.

In February 2019, my proposal was put forth for inclusion in the 2019 City Council Retreat, noted here as “Outlook 2025”. Councilmember Cavanaugh expressed support for this idea from the dais earlier in that month.

However, the final agenda for the Council Retreat did NOT include the proposal, which seemed to have been scrubbed along with other very good proposals.

The merit of such a proposal is without dispute. Bringing Simi Valley's best, brightest and most diverse minds to bear on the many challenges which our city faces is unequivocally a productive endeavor. But with Mayor Stratton's untimely passing here in 2020, in the midst of a totally unforeseeable economic and health crisis, and in the year of the culmination of his groundbreaking twenty year plan, I have decided after much deliberation to announce my intention to introduce this variant on Mayor Stratton's comprehensive study as part of my campaign pledge to honor his legacy of diligence and vision in addressing the city's future, and invoke his spirit of innovation and analysis in confronting the challenges facing our city in the next 3, 5 and 10 years ahead.

This is how my proposal for the Vision 2030 initiative was born. As your Mayor, I pledge to push for adoption of the Vision 2030 initiative within the first 30 days of my tenure.

I hope you’ll join me in committing to move our city FORWARD from the ideological paralysis we have found ourselves in today, and in honoring Mayor Stratton’s pioneering legacy of vision for our city and for our community. The greatest honor we can bestow upon his legacy, is to carry his work and his vision forward for our city.

#togetherforward #vision2030

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